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Complaints Procedure

Lawnswood Campus Pupil Referral Units aim to resolve all complaints at the earliest possible stage and are dedicated to continuing to provide the highest quality of education possible throughout the procedure.

The Complaints Policy and Procedure has been created to deal with any complaint against a member of staff or the Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) as a whole, relating to any aspects of the PRUs or the provision of facilities or services.

Any person is able to make a complaint about the provision of facilities or services that the PRUs provide. This policy outlines the procedure that the complainant and PRUs must follow.

Once a complaint has been made, it can be resolved or withdrawn at any stage.

At Lawnswood Campus Pupil Referral Units, the Head of Centre will be the first point of contact when following the complaints procedure. If the complaint is about the Head of Centre then it should be addressed to the Executive Headteacher, Miss R C Brown.

The complaints coordinator can vary depending on the nature and circumstances of the complaint.

Please download our Complaints Policy here.

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