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Exploitation and Safeguarding Conference for Families, Parents, Carers and Guardians. 24th May 2022

Date: 24th May 2022

Time: 09.30 – 12.30

Platform and directions for use: Simply copy and paste the weblink into a web browser, no need to download or register. Your attendance and engagement will remain anonymous.

About the Event:

Finding out your child or a child close to you is being exploited can be extremely distressing and upsetting. Most families, parents, carers and guardians want to ensure we can Prevent exploitation happening and Protect our children and young people from this awful crime. We know that sometimes those who care for children and young people would rather hear from those who understand what they are going through.

We are putting on this Exploitation and Safeguarding Conference which we hope will give everyone the opportunity to hear from those with lived experience and supporting children and young people Nationally.

This will be held as a live event which means registration is not required, you simply input the link into your web browser, your input and attendance will remain anonymous.

The aim of the conference is to raise awareness of exploitation and areas we work within daily.

Exploitation happens everywhere and there is always time to talk about it and offer support. The right time is always the earliest opportunity.

Agenda for the event:

09.30: Introduction: Sandeep Gill and Sonia Mahay - Wolverhampton Partnership Exploitation and Missing Hub.

· Introductions

· Exploitation/Missing

· Contextual Safeguarding

· Disclaimers on sensitivity

10.00: Parents Against Child Exploitation (PACE), lived experience from Alan.

10.40: Break

11.55: Working Alongside Families as a Key Partner in Sports: Maria Cassidy and Kevin Murphy (NWG)

11.25: Online Grooming

11.40: Trauma

12.00: Early Intervention

12.15: Questions?

12.30: Close: San Gill

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