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Sri Lanka

During the six weeks holiday Miss Foley visited Sri Lanka to help with a very special project:

After nearly 600 books were donated from Lawnswood Campus and sponsorships for the children’s eye camps, I wanted to share some of these valuable experiences with you.

Marie’s English library opened after building renovation and nearly two hundred people attended, including government ministers. About 2,500 books in total were donated and shipped out over a few months. They were all categorised to sectors and levels.

The eye camp saw three hundred children receive eye tests with thirty requiring spectacles and six requiring hospital treatment for serious conditions they were not aware off. The Beacon Centre will kindly be donating some Braille reading books to the library. Donated computers (x 6) are being set up to accommodate visual impaired needs. I taught English to a range of people and books were used in the pre-school to tell stories and then create art. We made book markers and ‘getting to know you’ English questions with fun activities.

We climbed Adams Peak after a seven hour car journey in total. Up and down nearly 12 thousand steps and six hours of torrential rain. It was too cloudy to see anything at the top after some very steep climbs. It was worth it though, knowing we were raising funds to support more children in receiving eye tests to enable their education, sustainable employment, social and health in the future.

For the full story search Manapaha Foundation on Facebook. Over the last three years we have helped 3,000 people have eye tests, sent 5,000 pairs of recycled glasses, fifty people received cataract operations, we have set up a library and supported people with disabilities. So your help makes this difference direct to source. If anyone has any spare printers we urgently require them for the library.

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