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Charitable Activities

At The Midpoint Centre we are committed to fundraising for local, national and international charities. 

If you have any suggestions for charities or events, please get in touch! 

Red Nose Day 

Red Nose day is on the way, helping children all over the world! Comic Relief has been running its annual event since 1988 and aims to end child poverty. We're doing our bit at The Midpoint Centre with a Non-Uniform day, sweepstake, Red Nose sales and competitions throughout the day! Comic Relief is on Friday 19th March 2021.


Wear a Hat Day 

Wear a Hat Day is on Friday 26th March 2021. This amazing charity raises money and awareness to support brain tumour research. We will be fundraising in centre to support the cause, educate our students and enjoy some fundraising opportunities! 


Children in Need 

A huge thank you to students, families and staff at The Midpoint Centre for all your generous contributions. We raised £200 for Children in Need in November 2020, with a day of activities, non-uniform, raffles and a sweepstake! 

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