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Curriculum Statement


Our curriculum is designed to inspire and motivate our young people to be the best version of themselves they can. Through continuous support and encouragement our students will achieve their potential and learn to trust in themselves and others around them. Through the development of a nurturing environment our students will be able to make mistakes and learn from them.

The curriculum and courses offered will facilitate their personal and academic growth and open doors to success where they have previously faced adversity. We intend to develop critical and creative thinkers who can problem solve and find solutions to problems. We will develop confident and competent communicators who will be able to transfer their skills positively into the world of work and the wider community.



Our curriculum is delivered through a mix of vertical and non-vertical year groupings so students study the core subjects of English, Maths and Science within year group classes and all others in mixed year 10 and 11 form groups. This allows an enhanced focus on the core subjects and our GCSE offer, including revision and suitable preparation for examinations whilst developing a sense of family and strong peer on peer relationships through vertical teaching. Due to varied educational experiences prior to joining Midpoint, our students have varied starting points and knowledge gaps. These needs are met through adaptive group teaching and bespoke academic interventions.


In order to ensure our curriculum offer meets the needs of all learners we offer 5 different pathways to choose from. All pathways include the core subjects of English Language, English Literature, Maths, Science (Biology), Personal development, Careers, PE, Art, ICT and Food. Learners will add to this core offer with option subjects and select the pathway they would like to study.


Through this broad curriculum offer we provide opportunities for all young people to achieve at least 5 GCSE or equivalent courses, including GCSE English Language, GCSE English Literature, GCSE Maths and GCSE Biology and to attain Functional skills qualifications in English and Maths. This strong core offer helps prepare our young people for next steps and post 16 education whilst allowing them to develop vocational skills and qualifications in areas that interest and engage them. Our careers lessons and programme support their understanding of options available to them and support are aim to have no NEET students after year 11.

Our curriculum supports their personal growth and academic progress, supporting our young people to open the doors, take the opportunities available to them and to transfer their skills positively into the world of work and the wider community.

Additional Information

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum, please contact our Centre on 01902 551695

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