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Information for Parents/Carers and Young People

Preparing for Employment

Young people face lots of choice about their future careers. Many will become employed in jobs which do not yet exist and others will adjust to portfolio careers, changing jobs and career direction throughout their working lives.

Making the decision on what to do when they leave education is a daunting one and for which they will require a great deal of support.

Such support comes through the careers programme in their school/college at the core of which is personal career guidance.

Equipping the young people of today for the career choices of the future personal career guidance - an explanation of personal career guidance published by the CDI (May 2018)

Transition Support

Transition mentors offer (1 to1) support with individual students to enable them to access employment pathways through the summer period.

Careers Information, Advice and Guidance



​Connexions Wolverhampton

118 Salop Street





​Phone: 01902 554499


Contact: Joanna Jones



Mobile: 0797 719 9329


​Connexions can help you and give you friendly, practical support to:

  • ​Improve qualifications

  • Learn new skills

  • Find job vacancies

  • Apply for College, Apprenticeships and Traineeships

  • Write a CV

  • Help with job interviews


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